Feel safe ~ Happiness?

1 min readJun 17, 2023

It is such a typical discussion about what makes you happy. It is related to money or not.

In a cafe environment, a couple of colleagues had a conversation about it. I was distracted and didn’t join the conversation. Suddenly they asked me what I was thinking. My direct response is to feel safe first; later I can manage and make myself happy.

A Woman in the same country with me asked me what doesn’t mean ‘feel safe’.

In a second, my whole life passed in front of my eyes. I felt that I am not from the same country as this woman. To be kind to her, I just said that, yeah living a safe environment. Inside me, feeling safe means Not having fear every morning around 5 am (I am not sure she is aware of what can happen at that time),

Freely going home country, meeting with your friends..

Not checking always if you can get some typical (unfortunately it is normal now) news from friends,

Not having concern about saying who you are ……

Able to tell what you think

Able to say who you are, who your friend is, and what I am thinking